Английский для карьеры

What is it?

In order to expand your career horizons in the modern world, it is essential you have a good grasp of English and know how to use it to present and express yourself effectively in a business context.

In this course, we look at key features of career communication, including curriculum vitae, letters of motivation and job interviews, and help you prepare for the world of work and study.

Who is it for?

Anyone who wishes to improve their career prospects, whether a university applicant, recent graduate of higher education, or an experienced professional wishing to change jobs or move abroad.

Contents of the course

Building CVs (resumes) and personal profiles (e.g. LinkedIn)

Composing personal statements, motivation and cover letters

Taking part in job interviews

Ведение деловой переписки – письма и электронные письма.

Managing phone calls

Benefits of the course