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Victoria Kazakevich

Director of Studies & Teacher

Education: BSPU named after M. Tank, Master's degree

Work experience: 10 years

Languages: English

Certificates: TESOL, Level 5 (Trinity College London), 2019

PR and marketing manager (Institute of Business-Technologies, Minsk), 2016

Flash-technologies in education (NIHE), 2015

Преподаватель международного курса OET по английскому языку для работников здравоохранения, 2020.

Love teaching; General English for adults, International exams preparation, Business English

Teaching for me is art.

“Good teaching is more a giving of right questions than a giving of right answers” Josef Albers «Хорошее преподавание - это скорее правильные вопросы, чем правильные ответы» Йозеф Альберс

Alina Sakolchik

Client manager & Teacher

Education: MSLU, Southeast University China (Nanjing)

Work experience 5 years

Languages: English, Spanish

Certificates: "Problems of Education in foreign language environment" (Southeast University China, 2017), course "Information-communicative technologies and social technologies in studying foreign languages" 2019.

Prefers teaching: International Exam preparationам (English and Spanish), Fascinating/entertaining English (Spanish) for children and teenagers, General English/Spanish for adults, Business English, how to write motivational letter, Russian as a foreign language

With my experience as an ESL teacher, I have developed a strong ability for creating positive and memorable impression of learning languages on students. Teaching foreign languages opened me the door of great global education system and inspired to help students in admission process to the best universities, colleges and schools.

Every mistake increases the chances of success. By studying and making mistakes you cognize the world and become the better version of yourself.

Tatiana Pyshkalo



Work experience: 24 years.

Languages: English, French

Specialize in the sphere of intensive methods of teaching a foreign language to adults and children. Field of practical application: spoken speech and grammar, language in business sphere, media and for special purposes.

Interests: applied linguistics, modern pedagogic, psychology of education.

"Language helps us to cognize the world the way vision and hearing do" Noam Khomski

Hannah Rubanova



1. Higher Diploma in Language Teaching and Linguistics Minsk State Linguistic University, Minsk, Belarus

2. BA in Hospitality Management, University of Nicosia, Nicosia, Cyprus

3. ESL Teacher, Eden English school, Nanning, China

Work experience: 11 years

Languages: English


• Working with adults, teenagers and kids, from beginner to fluency

• Planning curriculum and designing tailor-made courses based on each student’s individual personality and needs

• Focusing on practical language skill and capability through use of flashcards, open talk activities and other ESL creative mediums

With over 11 years’ experience now, combining two educations in work and life, in the sphere of Hospitality customer service and teaching, I am happy to continue working in this one big sphere. I enjoy teaching creative British English that carries massive diversity throughout years of experience gained everywhere and sharing it with the lead and within the cultural aspect of where I work. Can teach English in a multilingual international environment.

If you decide to teach somebody and be an English teacher, take it with responsibility and heart with God`s navigation.

Utkarsh Bhardwaj


Education: Bachelors of Technology- Mechanical and Automation Engineering, Amity University Bachelors of Arts (Honours)- English, University of Delhi

Work experience: 3 years

Languages: English

I have always believed in giving others the opportunity to earn certificates instead of doing it myself, and have organised a number of quizzes, debates and group discussions for that. Apart from this I also had a brief stint as a pro footballer with a club in Delhi.

Being a former quizmaster, I have lived by the motto 'knowledge is power' way before game of thrones made it sound cool.

Victoria Sukhovarova


Education: MSLU

Work experience: 2 years

Languages: English, Spanish

Prefers teaching: Entertaining English for children and teenagers, General English for adults, international exam preparation, Business English.

My life credo: "Never stop learning!". I like ongoing development in personal and professional life. In my opinion teaching is a creative process. It is difficult to follow templates or strict rules, especially, when working with different people with their own worldview and interests. Therefore it is vital to descry a personality in every student. My students for me is a stimulus for development and perfection.

"Walking makes the road" - and I will help you to go towards this direction!

Никогда не переставай учиться!

Svetlana Chen


Education: MSLU

Work experience: 1 year

Languages: English

I love working with children and with adults. Teaching English to students of different ages is fascinating and helps me to develop professional skills along with mastering my knowledge of English. I have been studying English throughout all my life and having the experience of working with native speakers from USA, UK and Australia I can admit that my English knowledge is at a high level. Also I have learned Italian at a B1-B2 level and continue mastering this language at present.

With languages, any place could become your home.

Alexander Babuk


Education: GSU named after Y.Kupaly, BSU, Candidate of Philosophical studies

Work experience: 8 years

Languages: English, German, Chinese

Love teaching English language, literature theory in English. I'm interested in languages, science and literature.


  • • Certificate of participation in international exchange of All-Russian youth educational forum "Seliger-2013" (2013);
  • • Certificate of participation in annual international conference of English teachers "English Teaching Forum" (2018).


  • 1. Internship in the University of Giessen (Germany) in "Erasmus+" (2018);
  • 2. Giving lectures in the University of Giessen (Germany) within "Erasmus+" program.
  • 3. Giving lectures at University of Minho (Braga, Portugal) within "Erasmus+" program (2019).
"There are more roads to Heaven, I’m inclined to think…" (Ch. Dickens). One of such roads can be created on the lesson of English where everyone tries to get new knowledge of English to be involved into English speaking paradise where all speak the same language and understand each other.

Anastasia Zinkevich


Education: MSLU

Work experience: 11 years

Languages: English

Additional experience: Work and Travel, USA

Loves teaching I have been teaching children, teenagers and adults. I teach Business English, TOEFL, IELTS, General English from Beginner level to Upper Intermediate.

I love my job as it has notes of creativity, freedom and game. Educational process should be diverse rather than monotonous. It helps me to reboot after long working day, dive in the world of English, widen my purview, improve my memory and brain work.

Teaching English is providing my students a new discovery and amazing adventure to the world of English with joy!

Alexander Kuzin



Work experience: 18 years

Languages: English

Business English, General English, International exams preparation.


  • • IELTS 8.0
Nothing succeeds like success.
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