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General Data Processing Information

“Study Zone Centre” collect or create personal data relating to students, staff, prospective students or staff and contacts in other organisations or companies.

The personal data we collect or create

Data we collect or create may include:

  • identity and contact details;
  • data relating to academic or employment performance (including records of attendance, disciplinary records etc.);
  • family details;
  • complaints or enquiries made by or about you;
  • records of counselling or other support requested or given;
  • survey data;
  • records of goods or services provided;
  • photographs;
  • scans of identity documents;
  • passport access data;
  • use of Study Zone Centre IT systems;
  • financial details;
  • records of employment;
  • vetting checks.

In limited circumstances, we also process sensitive classes of information that may include:

  • racial or ethnic origin;
  • trade union membership;
  • religious, political or other similar beliefs;
  • physical or mental health details;
  • sexual life;
  • offences and alleged offences, criminal proceedings.

What we do with your personal data (our legitimate interests as a data controller)

Among other things we process personal information to enable us to:

  • provide education and support services to our students and staff;
  • advertise and promote the company and the services we offer;
  • conduct surveys;
  • undertake research;
  • manage our accounts.
Legal bases for processing

Under “LAW OF THE REPUBLIC OF BELARUS of November 10, 2008 No. 455-З About information, informatization and information protection”, we will process personal data under the following bases.

Who the information may be shared with

Any personal data may be shared with the Republic of Belarus law enforcement or tax collection officials on request if they provide a court order or otherwise can demonstrate the specified information is necessary for the prevention or detection of crime of the collection of taxes. We will also share personal data with health professionals if necessary to protect the ‘vital interests’ of the data subject, and with others if necessary to safeguard children and adults at risk, or any other similar situation that meets the definition of ‘substantial public interest’ under the “LAW OF THE REPUBLIC OF BELARUS of November 10, 2008 No. 455-З About information, informatization and information protection”.

Unless otherwise specified in a relevant Privacy Notice or to comply with a specific legal obligation under the law of the Republic of Belarus, we will only share personal data with others with the explicit consent of the individual.

Personal data will not normally be transferred outside the Republic of Belarus. Where this is necessary, it will be the consent of the individual or otherwise with appropriate safeguards as prescribed by “Law about information, informatization and information protection”. Full information will be provided in detailed Privacy Notices at the point of data collection or sharing.

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